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Our Story

Ever since we can remember, we’d always wanted to be a professional international civil servant when we grew up. We’ve always found many topics on international affairs intriguing and interesting, motivating us to investigate and research as many sources of information as we could get our hands on. We are lucky to receive opportunities to intern or work at some awesome international organizations.


However, what about our peers who are in rural areas and receiving low-quality education? They should have the same opportunities as we do. Therefore, we, six classmates from The University of Hong Kong, founded the International Organizations Bridge with the aim of helping these underprivileged student groups to get the opportunities to broaden their horizons and feel the concept of "globalization". Please take a few minutes to continue reading our stories to see how we are doing for our "Starpath Project" and our next steps. 

We recruit aspirational students.
Then train them.
Finally push them to pursue their 
ideal IO internships. 

The profiles of successful applicants to IOBridge's training program, "Starpath Project", typically satisfy the following conditions: they usually tend to have solid academic performance (even though they might receive lower-than-average quality education in rural areas), one or two fieldwork experiences, aspirations in international affairs, braveness, and strong communication skills. Once the applicants are selected from our "talent" roster, we will further train them with necessary skills and knowledge for international civil servant. The training is typically hosted by officers who currently work for United Nations or other international organizations. At the end of program, we will recommend students who have successfully completed the training program to our partner international organizations and begin their work at IOs immediately after they are approved. 


We hope our students can all walk to their own "star path."

We name our internship program as "Starpath" because we want our students to grow and inspire themselves through the resources we have provided to them, finally pushing them to look for their own "stars", namely, more opportunities to make an impact on the world. Let's do for it.

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