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Leading a group of aspiring students to their dream careers......


Our Current

We have already cooperated with more than thirty international organizations and built a close relationship with them. Our cooperation is based on the premise of mutual respect and reciprocity, and we host training sessions for students together and co-designed course series for them. Finally, our international partners will provide an internship position for students if available. 

Currently, we have partners from three different continents and more than ten countries. Specifically, we have partners like Innovative Network Center, Perfect World, East Asian Silk Museum, Jiangmen Laboratory of Carbon Science and Technology, Perryland Economic Forum, etc. Our partners are all non-profit organizations which aim on providing educational opportunities for underprivileged but aspirational students who want to make an impact on the world. We are still seeking for partners who also want to contribute to the dream-making process for these students. Join us today to win more opportunities for them!

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